Red Glam Minnie Mouse Costume


This red glam Minnie Mouse costume with glittery polka dots and sequin bodice is going to add some glamour to your typical Disney character look.

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If you’re like us, you’ve got a soft spot for the Mouse.What? Ew, no! The Mouse. Mickey Mouse! You know, Walt’s adorable little anthropomorphized rodent with the heart of gold? The one with crazy friends, a big yellow dog, and iconic red shorts? Yes, that one!And what’s not to love, honestly? Mickey is always a cheery mouse. He often is the selfless, brave hero off to save the day… or his favorite lady mouse. That’s right, Minnie. Despite getting in trouble way too often, Minnie is wistfully adorable, sweet, and kind. She even is authoritative when the occasion calls for it. Together, Minnie and her man (er…mouse) are like peanut butter and jelly. Salt and pepper. Roller coasters and screaming. They’re…well they’re Mickey and Minnie!So if you’re feeling like the sweet, sassy Disney Queen herself, then look no further than this cute little number. Our Red Glam Minnie Mouse Costume is covered with Minnie’s iconic white-on-red polka-dots. There’s black accents, cute little puff sleeves, and glitter and sequins throughout to give your Minnie the appropriate level of glitz. It even comes with those big black mouse ears (with polka-dot bow) and that sweet little belt! Put it all together and you could be one adorable leading lady, mouse or no!

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