Brave Women’s Disney Merida Costume


Channel the skilled archer Merida in the Brave Women’s Disney Merida Costume! Mend the bond torn by pride and break the spell in this Disney’s Merida with the Brave Women’s Merida Costume!

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This Is Your FateHow much of our lives comes down to choice? Do we forge our own path, or does some outward force have an impact on the direction our lives travel? In Disney’s film Brave, our heroine has a similar question on the mind. Merida wants to have a say in her future, but her family, culture, and traditions leave her little to no choice. Will she rebel against everything she knows to achieve her long sought freedom? Or will she be forced to live a live she doesn’t want? Now you can portray this fiery Scottish princess in a Brave Women’s Merida Costume!Product DetailsThis costume includes Merida’s blue green dress and quiver belt. The long, velvety dress is certainly fit for royalty! The neckline and skirt hem are trimmed in gold embroidery. White fabric rests along the collarbone and wrists, as well as in the shoulder and sleeve cutouts, as if the wearer is dressed in an undershift (as is only proper). The slanted belt comes with the matching brown quiver attached. Looking for more Merida items? We’ve got bows and arrows on our site! As for the hair, you can style a wig, spraypaint your hair, or curl your own locks into wild tresses. Make Your ChoiceIt’s up to you whether or not to buy this dress, but we think it would make a stunning costume! This stubborn, willful, and very brave princess is worthy of the honor. It’s time to unlock your inner bravery!

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