Mulan Girl’s Deluxe Hero Red Costume


Got a girl at home who is as brave and tough as Mulan herself? Help her embrace that feeling with this Mulan Girl’s Deluxe Red Hero Costume.

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The Good FightMulan has been a classic for decades. Chances are, you grew up watching the animated version and dreaming of honing your warrior skills and taking the world by storm. Now, your kiddo is glued to the live-action film, and she’s willing to do just about anything to become her favorite female fighter for Halloween. Who can blame her? Isn’t it wonderful, then, that you can become an instant hero in her eyes by getting her this Deluxe Mulan Red Girl’s Hero Costume? That seems way easier than mastering all those feats of strength and power. And you’ll get the added bonus of watching her race around the neighborhood trick-or-treating in this sleek and strong look. Great stories and characters transcend generations, and Mulan is proving she’s here to stay!Product DetailsThis officially-licensed look comes straight from the film and includes the jacket, pants, and belt with its dramatic drape. The jacket is styled to look like a wrap kimono, but is so easy to wear. The pants have an elastic waistband for easy movement and sizing, and the belt drape is printed with a graphic to make it look like armor. This costume comes with everything except Mulan’s signature selflessness and bravery—but your gal already has those down pat!I’m Hua MulanMaybe you can grab a matching adult look and both live out your fantasies of becoming Mulan this Halloween season. Just remind your gal that her job is to fight for the honor of her family—not the best candy haul. That’s an important distinction.

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