Colonial Peruke Wig for Kids


Become like George Washington or James Madison when you wear this Child Colonial Peruke Wig!

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They say fashion moves in cycles, and that every outdated style trend is going to come back around before too long. Maybe that’s true, but doesn’t it seem like it’s high time for the white, powdered wig to make a comeback as the hot look for men? It’s a proven winner. Just look at how many of our best-known historical figures were into it. There’s George Washington, for just one example, and that dude is such a style icon that millions of Americans carry multiple portraits of him in their wallets every day.Establish your kid as a fashion trailblazer (or just help him put together a Colonial Era costume) with this timeless wig. The synthetic, silver-gray hair attaches to a mesh cap and is combed straight back, with curly sides and a jaunty ponytail tied with a black ribbon. Whether you’re prepping for Halloween, suiting up for a school play, or staging a kids’ Revolutionary War reenactment, this wig will bring you up to speed with one of history’s greatest hairstyles. And if your kid happens to spark a long overdue powdered wig revival, well, that’s just a happy bonus.

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