Men’s Imperial Samurai Warrior Costume


Step back into premodern Japan wearing this Men’s Imperial Samurai Warrior Costume. Check out the accessories available to complete your warrior look.

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KNIGHT OF THE EASTKing Arthur and his knights of the round table sure had a ton of tales told about them, from their jaunts into the ruins on the hunt for a goblet of holy might to a bunch of interactions with various witches and dragons.  But, just because we tend to think of full plate armor and English kings doesn’t mean that’s the only kind of knight out there.The honor-bound samurai who follow the code of Bushido have all the esteem and nobility of their British counterparts but also get to have way cooler looking armor and martial combat prowess.  (Plus, Bushido sounds more impressive than chivalry, anyway.)  So, if you’re looking to join the ranks of the samurai, it is important to know what you’re getting into:  loyalty to your daimyo, frugal living, sincerity, kick-butt sword skills, and honor until death!  (Of course, the great swordsmanship will help that last a while.)DESIGN & DETAILSSwear your allegiance and claim your nobility when you gear up with this Imperial Samurai Warrior Costume.  Our in-house designers have worked tirelessly to offer this exclusive, high-quality look.  Over that, you’ll wear your black foam and vinyl chest armor with attached pauldrons and hip armor, all accented with gold screenprint and stitching.  The helmet, gauntlets, and boot cover match the style and complete your armored look while the gold fabric belt provides a final hint of nobility.  All you need next is a katana and wakizashi to be a true samurai!A WANDERING WARRIORSwearing vows to lords isn’t for everyone.  Still, this Samurai Warrior look is just too perfect to ignore!  How can you show off your noble prowess and still be a lone wolf?  Well, you can always go ronin and save the world on your own terms… until, of course, you find that person who deserves your loyalty!

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