Queen Anne Boleyn Accessory Kit


Make a statement this Halloween by adding this Queen Anne Boleyn Costume Kit to your look. This kit includes all the accessories you’ll need to finish off your look.

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Avoiding HenryAs husbands go, any royal woman in the 1500s will tell you to avoid Henry the 8th. This changeable king had a fragile ego and a hard head. He changed the course of history just so he could legally annul his marriage and marry his new crush, Anne Boleyn. Poor Anne was only queen for a short while before the tides turned and Henry became suspicious of his young wife’s past and her current pastimes. We’re sure the complicated politics at court certainly didn’t help the queen very much! In short, the queen came to an untimely and extremely public end. Still, her style and wiles still shine bright, hundreds of years later. If she could have avoided the king’s eye, we’re sure that Boleyn would have been a major influencer of the 1500s!Product DetailsA staple of 16th-century fashion, this Anne Boleyn kit would look right at home in Hampton Court. The cap is trimmed in ladylike details. Pearls trim the dark green velvet headband while golden ruffles are tucked underneath for a lush effect. A black veil falls over the back, covering your hair for that distinct 1500s modesty. The large pearl necklace with a large gold-tone “B” is straight out of portraits of Anne Boleyn, making your character unmistakable! 

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