Pug Plush Headband & Tail Accessory Kit


Head out for the night without the work with this Pug Plush Headband & Tail Kit. You’ll be cute and festive with this amazing plush costume kit at the party.

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Put Your Best Snout ForwardYou’re new at your office, and just in time for Halloween! So, you don’t yet know the company culture — is this a place of all-out Halloween revelry, in which every employee tries to outdo the others and win the coveted costume contest? Do desks and cubicles get decked out in dark and spooky decor? Or this the kind of office where people are “too cool” for Halloween and no one has time, save for a few candy bowls sprinkled around? We really hope it’s the former!But this Pug Plush Headband & Tail Kit is a great move for you, either way! It’s subtle enough for a not-so-spirited office Halloween, but it can also be played up to party with the best of them at a true Halloween fest! After all, who doesn’t love a little pug? No one, that’s who. Plus, you will have an instant conversation topic with your new coworkers, since you have a new little pug puppy at home. How cute!Design & DetailsThis sweet kit combines a pug headpiece with a twisty pug tail for an easy, yet effective, quick costume! The furry little tan and brown pug face fits atop your head thanks to a headband, while the tan tail attaches to any jumpsuit, shirt, or pants, you own.  

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