Mythical Rams Horn Head Piece


Get ready for Dark Mass or just a goofy time in this Mythical Ram’s Horn Head Piece. Features black horns and roses.

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Summer of the SummonsKathy didn’t really know what she was doing when she borrowed a demonology book from her local library. But her interest was piqued so she stuffed it in her backpack and waited till her parents went to sleep. To set the mood she lit a few cotton breeze candles that she swiped from her mom’s bathroom. Now, there were a couple of signs things were going to go awry. for instance, when she turned to the page about Damus, lightning, and thunder suddenly rang out from outside.Then she began to read and all the windows in her room suddenly opened (get a hint, Kathy!). But she read on and by the time she finished, she was no longer a naive, bookish girl but a different entity altogether. And while there might be some jokes about horns in homeroom the next day, we’re pretty sure this demonic new turn was going to give the demonic new Kathy the upper hand in most social situations. 

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