Pokemon Toddler Eevee Costume


This Pokemon Toddler Eevee Costume is an adorable costume for your toddler and if they misbehave you can just capture them back into their Poke ball (their room?).

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The Next Eevee-lutionEveryone always talks about Eevee’s evolutions. It can take on just about any type under the sun, so it’s definitely something that every Eevee trainer has to think about. Us? Well, we just like regular ‘ol Eevee! Sure, it’s not as fiery as a Flareon or as shocking as Jolteon, but if you ask us, Eevee has the clear advantage when it comes to cuteness!Yep, that little critter is the ultimate evolution of cuteness and now, your child can transform into the iconic Pokemon with this Pokemon Eevee Costume for toddlers. It’s officially licensed from the video game series and is totally ready for your child’s next big adventure.Product DetailsInspired by the classic Pokemon, this Eevee costume is a toddler-sized outfit that will have your child ready to evolve into the cutest version of themselves! The costume is a plush jumpsuit made out of comfy fleece. That means this costume is as adorable as it is cozy. The costume fits with a fastener in the front and has a tail decoration in the back. The tan collar fits with a fastener in the back.Finally, the costume comes with a plush headpiece that’s made out of matching fleece material. It has embroidered features on the top and it even has a pair of wiggly ears. Put it all together and you have a fully evolved look that’s ready for the next Gym battle!

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