Minecraft Enchanted Purple Sword Toy


Be your own Minecraft character and carry this Minecraft Enchanted Purple Sword. Don’t go into battle empty-handed.

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Built by Magic Usually, to make an ultimate blade, you’re going to have to have a whole heck of a lot of diamonds, then a few lapis lazuli gemstones… and even after all that, you’ve still got to expend your experience just to get that glorious purple shine. It’s just too much work for a weapon that isn’t even going to stick around forever. If only there were a cool spell or ritual you could perform that would summon a long-lasting enchanted blade to your side! Product DetailsWell, we’ve got news for you. Now, by performing a few different kinds of clicks on your Internet-ready device, you can conjure up this officially licensed Minecraft Enchanted Purple Sword. This is a prop weapon that has the pixelated look made famous by Minecraft as well as the brilliant colorization of an enchanted diamond sword! What kind of magic, you ask? Well, we have to assume it is a brand new one that will augment your existing Minecraft apparel, of course! Incredible DurabilityIt is always frustrating to find or make an awesome Minecraft Sword, just to watch it eventually need some serious repairs. Fortunately, this Enchanted Purple Sword from Minecraft will be around for seasons to come! It’s the perfect way to augment a Minecraft costume without spending all your hard-farmed resources. 

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