The Smurfs Adult Smurf Costume


Be bold and blue this year in The Smurfs Adult Smurf Costume! This officially licensed costume comes with a shirt and pants. The pants have elastic at the waist and cuffs for comfort. The curved hat has a turned-up brim at the front.

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What’s Your Name?There are a ton of interesting things about the Smurf Village that we’ve been trying to completely understand. Unfortunately, the place has this whole magical field that makes sure that nobody but a Smurf can get inside. Still, we are just dying to know! (Don’t get us wrong. We aren’t Gargamel, here, but we would love to get into the Village, look around, and understand everything.) Turns out that all of the inhabitants there (with a single pretty astonishing exception) are named after the roles or personalities that they have. It might be Handy Smurf building up a bunch of new village components—or Clumsy running around causing those projects to be needed—everyone falls into great harmony with their given name (especially Harmony Smurf). That gives us a bit of an idea! Maybe we just need our Smurfy name to get invited!Design & DetailsChannel some magic of the blue moon and pick your unique Smurfy name when you gear up in this officially licensed Smurf costume. This ensemble is a pair of white pants with an elastic waistband and cuffs. The long-sleeved blue shirt makes quick transformation of your body and you get to top off your look with the iconic Smurf hat! Accent the rest of the look with some accessories to really amp up your personality and claim your very own Smurftastic name. Accessorized SmurfWhen you are dressed in this Smurf costume, we’re near certain that you’ll find your invitation into the Smurf Village straight away. (You won’t even need to look like Neil Patrick Harris!) Still, choosing the right accessories won’t hurt. A helmet for Viking Smurf? A stethoscope for Doctor Smurf? Heck, you could go super meta and grab a dark cloak and monk wig and become the very first Gargamel Smurf. (Just don’t tell him we suggested that.) 

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