Scorched Face Mask


For those that love all things horror, both movie and video games, comes the Scorched Face Mask. This will terrify everyone around you and you can create some certainly scary adventures.

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This Mask is on FireThe video game Dead by Daylight is a lot like our favorite holiday, Halloween. It allows you to be some of your favorite horror movie icons. Although, there are a few key differences. One is, on Halloween you aim to have fun. In the video game, your goal is to turn the survivors into sacrifices. So yeah, a little different. One infamous Killer you can play as is Ghostface! With a new update introduced in 2020, you can lurk around in the Scorched Ghostface skin. Now, thanks to this terrifying mask, you can bring this scary skin into the real world. Grab the rest of your Ghostface costume from us, as well as your killer arsenal, and you’ll be ready to have tons of Halloween fun! Just keep in mind, your goal is to have fun, not sacrifices.Product DetailsThis mask is made with polyester and plastic and is designed to completely cover one’s head. With a great amount of attention given to detail, this mask gives a whole new level of terror to the Scream franchise’s iconic Ghostface mask. Thanks to the mesh eye holes, you’ll still be able to see while wearing this officially licensed mask but your vision will be slightly limited.

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