Patronus Glow Knit Beanie


Protect yourself from the Dementors by wearing your Patronus on a Glow Knit Beanie. Will yours be an Otter like Hermione or a Jack Russell Terrier like Ron?

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Safety FirstYou’ve always been intrigued by abandoned places, especially ones that may hold potential secrets. So, when you learned that the Ministry of Magic was offering tours of the defunct Azkaban Prison, you knew you had to check it out. Would there be ghosts? In the Wizarding World, that’s always a distinct possibility. Maybe you’d uncover some dark magic that left an imprint in the cells. Surely there’d be something to send chills down your spine, though the history of the place could do it on its own. The only thing you’re nervous about is lingering Dementors. As a muggle, casting a Patronus charm isn’t going to happen. Of course, you will be accompanied by wizards on the tour, but extra precautions are always a good idea.Product DetailsGet yourself outfitted for any Harry Potter worthy journey with this Patronus Glow Knit Beanie! Featuring a glow-in-the-dark print of Harry’s iconic stag Patronus against a glittering, black knit body, this stylish hat will keep you feeling cozy and secure even if you do bump into an unexpected Dementor.Full-Coverage ProtectionProtect yourself from the cold with the accessory that really knows its stuff! Whether you’re heading into a dark, Dementor-filled, magic forest or strolling snow-covered streets, this officially licensed Glow Patronus Knit Black Beanie has you covered!

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