Plus Size Pirate Wench Costume


Become the captain’s darling in this sultry Plus Size Pirate Wench Costume. You’ll look like a lady, even if your pirate ways prevent you from acting like one!

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Here’s the thing: people have a very narrow view of pirates. All they conjure is swashbuckling on the high seas. But like everything, pirate life has evolved. Gone are the good ole’ days of treasure hunting without GPS and carefree sailing, disconnected, through the waves. The modern life of a pirate is much more complex. There is a board of directors (and meetings to attend), there are pirate “co-work” spaces and endless informal coffee chats with interns, there is a lot of social media upkeep, and treasure is all traded in bitcoin. You, of course, know this, as regional captain of your crew. In fact, one of the biggest issues of a modern pirate lass is where to buy pirate-specific ensembles now that everything is made for a sedentary life on land. Athleisure wear just isn’t your thing. Ahoy! This Plus Size Pirate Wench Costume can transition from day meetings to night adventures and even to the high seas (once your vacation time kicks in). The outfit has dramatic details like an adjustable skirt and laced corset, as well as an off-the-shoulder shirt that can be pulled up for a morning meeting with the West Coast captain and pulled down for an evening out with your crew. When you combine this pirate-perfect look with your own swashbuckling attitude, commanding the professional attention of pirates and landlubbers alike will be easy. We know it’s hard out there for a modern day lady pirate, so allow us to make getting dressed easier. We don’t know what to tell you about the hundreds of emails you get a day; maybe just take to the sea and throw your laptop overboard.

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