Women’s Ferris Bueller Sloane Peterson Wig


Complete your look with this exclusive brunette Ferris Bueller Sloane Peterson wig. This costume accessory is officially licensed and exclusively made by us at Fun.com.

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Are you familiar with the quote, “behind every powerful man, there’s a powerful woman standing behind him?” Sloane Peterson is that woman, standing behind her man Ferris Bueller, AKA the most popular kid at school, AKA the kid that gets away with everything. Dating Ferris Bueller is basically a full time job and Sloane is his number one supporter when it comes to his shenanigans. When Ferris wants to sing “Twist and Shout” in a parade, Sloane is cheering him on. When Ferris wants to take Cameron’s dad’s Ferrari on a joyride, Sloane is right there egging him on and when Ferris cuts school, you better believe that Sloane will cut school too. She’s basically the best girlfriend a teenage troublemaker could ask for! Transform yourself into the coolest girlfriend in the history of girlfriends by wearing this Sloane Peterson wig. It will give you Sloane’s effortless coif without going through the hassle of having to sit in a stylist’s chair. Fully transform into this 80’s movie icon and complete your Sloane Peterson costume. Now you just have to get out there and find a boyfriend as cool as Ferris Bueller which may prove to be a lot more difficult than wearing this stylish wig!

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