Scarecrow Costume Kit


Whether you are off on a hike with some newfound pals, or ready to party in a fall themed costume event, you will be set to go in this Scarecrow Costume Kit!

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Outstanding in Your FieldThe job of a scarecrow is more difficult than it looks. Sure, it looks like they’re just standing out in a field. But what we often don’t see are all the conditions that scarecrows have to weather. They’ve gotta stay fixed to that pole in the high winds of a summer storm. They have to withstand the beating sun and pouring rain. And we’ve noticed that all the Halloween scarecrows propped on porches in our neighborhood seem to be getting pecked by crows, of all things! But at long as scarecrows are still out standing in their field… well, we’d say they’re doing a pretty great job!Product DetailsTransform yourself into a fall icon with this simple scarecrow kit! It features a ruffled burlap collar and a wide-brimmed conical hat. The base of the hat is trimmed with patches as well as a knotted rope for a rural look. A size adjustment band in the lining allows this hat to fit a variety of heads so that you can lend it out to other fall enthusiasts!Getting CornyBecome a harvest hero when you slip into this scarecrow set. Slip it on over your very own pair of overalls or a cozy sweater. Ready to get into the spirit of the season? This scarecrow costume is the perfect way to get corny!

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