The Addams Family Pugsley Costume


Complete your own Addams Family look with this kooky Pugsley costume. You’re sure to bring your child’s inner devious genius alive with this one.

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They’re Sweet and KookyYou raised a sweet child. They have cherub cheeks and twinkling eyes. By all accounts, your kiddo has a kinder heart than you’ve ever met. Whenever you ask for help, they’re ready and willing—family always comes first. As angelic and calm as your child seems though, their favorite activities seem disconnected.Riffling through the junk drawer one day, your angel took a magnifying glass and headed outside. It didn’t take long to realize they were trying to fry ants. When school assigned a history project, your child chose to research the French Revolution—more specifically, the use of guillotines. Occasionally you hear hammering coming from their bedroom. When you go to check, they’re always hanging some new sign that warns of danger. You hadn’t been able to place the bizarre, but harmless, behavior until they turned on re-runs of The Addams Family. It seems, your child has become enamored with Pugsley Addams and his equally sweet but spooky demeanor.Product DetailsAt least it’s Pugsley, we suppose. The squishable youth has been delighting audiences for generations and is back to entertain the newest. If your child is already showing similar characteristics, you might as well let them enjoy the macabre family by joining its ranks for Halloween! With this Addams Family Pugsley Costume, your little angel can take on the cuddly appearance of everyone’s favorite little brother. The jumpsuit is designed to look just like Pugsley’s signature shorts and striped shirt and is stuffed for a plump look. Completing the costume is a mask made to look like 2019’s Pugsley Addams with full cheeks, oversized eyes, and perfectly coiffed blonde hair. With this Pugsley costume, your child will be ready for a perfectly creepy and kooky Halloween!They Really are a ScreamIf you’ve loved the Addams Family for years and your child is excited about the newest Addams story, bring the spooky family home with this Pugsley costume and the rest of our Addams Family collection!

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