Plus Size Pirate Lady Costume


This Women’s Plus Size Pirate Lady Costume will have you ready to explore the high seas. Pick up a sword as a cool accessory to pair with this costume. Available in 3X.

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Yo ho, yo ho, a pirate’s life for me…Well, okay, maybe not a pirate’s life. Pirates were notorious for bad hygiene, gross teeth, and bad diets (scurvy was a vitamin deficiency you know). So if we were to poll the office, most probably wouldn’t agree to completely living a pirate’s life. But a temporary holiday into a life of plundering, pillaging, and drink? That we can get down with. And not only do we approve of the occasional piratical act, we most certainly approve of pirate wear. We’re talking puffy shirts and fancy vests, colorful scarves and scraps, corsets and grand pirate coats. Don’t forget bandannas, mismatched jewelry, and bodacious hats. You can’t go wrong dressing as a pirate. Seriously. You could collect random items of clothing and jewelry, put them on, and as soon as you start swaggering around, you’d be accepted into the crew.Of course some pirate wear seems a bit more piratical than others. For instance our Plus Size Pirate Costume. With ruffled sleeves, black skirt, and torn red-and-black-striped skirt overlay, you’ll look right at home among our pirates and privateers. This outfit even includes the lace-up vest and striped headband. Just bedeck yourself in jewels, find yourself a weapon, and you’ll be ready to hit the high-seas! … or just commandeer the party. Whichever comes first.

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