Pirate Parachute Brown Skirt


Looking to take to the high seas this Halloween? Choose this Brown Pirate Parachute Skirt to accessorize your costume with and you will be sailing in style. With adjustable waist and skirt length, you can create a customized fit and look allowing you to b

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Challenging CareersWhat do you think the hardest job in the world is? There are a lot of professions that are physically taxing, like athletes, construction workers, or shelf stockers. Then there are the jobs that drain you mentally, like firefighting, news reporting, or taking care of people’s health. Everything is a different level of difficulty for different people. However, we do think pirates have pretty tough jobs as well. They have stuff to do all over the ship, like swabbing the decks, hoisting the yards, and climbing the rigging. Not to mention all the fighting, looting, and plundering they do as well. If you’re going to be doing all that activity in a skirt, you’ll need one that you’re able to occasionally keep out of your way—and show off your cute stockings as well!Product DetailsThis brown pirate parachute skirt is lightweight, which makes it perfect for layering. The waistband has a drawstring to accommodate most sizes, and an interior ribbon can tie to give that shorter, flouncy look in the front. It’s also a great way to show off your boots! Add a puffy-sleeved shirt, a belt, a hat, any plastic weapons of choice, or all of the above to make a complete pirate outfit.

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