Plus Size Men’s Colonial Benjamin Franklin Costume


Our Plus Size Men’s Colonial Benjamin Franklin Costume, idolizes the great inventor and Founding Father Benjamin Franklin. Ideal for not only Halloween, but a theatrical production!

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An Electric IdeaThere are many mysteries in the world that simply demand being solved, and we get to be thankful that Ben Franklin was around to help in figuring out a pretty big chunk of them. Now, most know Ben for ‘inventing’ electricity. And, of course, he didn’t create it… but he did come up with all the terms that we’re still using today. Who else would have thought to combine the value of a lightning rod with the fun of flying kites and shocking yourself!? But, is that truly his ultimate offering to the world?Consider the shorter folks in the world. Who has the energy to grab a stepping stool every time that you want to get a book? “Nobody!” was the proud answer of our favorite founding father. He knew that folks would one day need a Selfie Stick and that short people everywhere deserved assistance with a longer arm. So, it was to the inventing desk for Ben! In honor of those inventions, our Made by Us team did the same for him. Design & DetailsHop back to the colonial days in the best way possible with this Benjamin Franklin costume. Our in-house team created this design to look authentic while still feeling comfy. (You wouldn’t want too many stray fibers while trying out your electrifying experiments, after all.) The ensemble includes a jacket with decorative buttons and attached vest panels to imitate a layered look. The knee-length pants and neck scarf complete your colonial transformation. Add your favorite accessories to tell your favorite Franklin story. The Key to Halloween FunYou don’t have to try to reinvent the lightning rod to stand out like Ben Franklin. With this colonial look, you can feel the same hair-raising energy as the legendary lightning bolt on the kite. Grab some bifocals and a balding wig and you’re ready to discover the secrets of fun this season. 

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