Women’s Gertrude Witch Costume Hat


Whether you are taking to the skies on your broom with your coven, roaming the woods in search of the perfect potion ingredients, or headed out to a costume themed event, be ready to do it in true spooky fashion with this Gertrude Witch Costume Hat!

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Ritual WardrobeWhat do you wear to work when you have an important meeting? A smart blazer? Maybe your lucky pair of heels? Well, if you were a witch, you’d wear your best hat to big coven meetings! A good witch hat sets the right impression as soon as you enter the scene. The traditional cone hat with a wide brim doesn’t have to be boring and played out. Purchasing a high-quality hat like this one will let your magic comrades know that you are taking tradition to new heights!Costume DetailsA witch needs a hat that will work with her every mood. The wide brim of this hat is perfect for tilting at a jaunty angle. The cone-shaped tip can be adjusted just so. The inside has a size-adjuster that’s clearly marked so if you want to lend your magic to a friend it can fit them like a charm! Use this hat to top off any outfit to create a magical look!Witchy WonderlandAre you perfecting your spell-casting outfit? Diving into our witch costumes and accessories will let you hone the charming look in your imagination. From the tips of your toes to the top of your head, every part of you can carry a little more magic this Halloween!

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