Hocus Pocus Classic Sarah Women’s Costume


You can be everyone’s favorite witch in this Hocus Pocus Women’s Classic Sarah Costume. You’ll look great while bringing back a piece of your childhood.

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Some Dubious WitchesWhen Hocus Pocus was first released in 1993, it wasn’t exactly a smash hit. The reviews were mixed, to say the least. Comedy and horror? In a kid movie? Hard to achieve! But over time, this Disney movie has gained a loyal fanbase who rejoice when Halloween comes around, and they can watch their favorite spooky movie without judgment. (And, you know, maybe force all of their friends to watch it, too.) Now you can be one of the wicked Sanderson sisters with this Hocus Pocus Women’s Classic Sarah Costume! Product DetailsThere is no doubt that Sarah Sanderson is meant to be the hot sister. And as she likes to toy with people, being pretty (and having a literally enchanting voice) is a big advantage in tempting others into doing what she wants. Show off your assets while maintaining witchy fashion in this Sarah-inspired dress! The deep purple skirt features a red front panel and gold underskirt. The bodice is a lighter purple and features sheer long sleeves. Looking for an easy way to get Sarah’s blonde locks? We have a wig based on her hairstyle on our website!Up To No GoodWhether you’re looking to flirt or just have a good time with friends, you’ll look beautifully witchy for the occasion. The only thing that could make this better is if you have two friends who also love Hocus Pocus, because we have Winifred and Mary costumes, too! Let the sisters loose in your town this Halloween!

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