Silver Oil Can


Keep your joints well oiled to make sure you can get the most candy on Halloween night. This Silver Oil Can will be your best friend and will keep you from becoming too stiff.

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From Good to GreaseIt’s been a while since you’ve pulled off a stellar, put-together Halloween costume, comeplete with accessories. Hey, it’s been a busy few years, we get it. And now you’re a little rusty when it comes to playing your Halloween A game. Have no fear! There is a surefire way to get back on track, winning costume contests and hosting the costume bash of the year. It’s back to basics for you in a classic look that’s fantasy, nostalgia, and heart wrapped up in one. But before you creak your way back into Halloween revelry, you’re going to want to oil up your joints with this Silver Oil Can Costume Accessory. Whether you’re following a yellow brick road into a magical land or you’re rolling into the party as a robot, it never hurts to be prepared (and lubricated) for the night ahead! After all, you’re going to need your full range of motion on the dance floor. Design & DetailsThis exclusive and timeless accessory makes a great addition to a Tin Man, robot, or even mechanic costume and can add that one special detail you’ve been looking for. It’s made of molded plastic but painted to look like polished metal, and ensures a well-oiled night of fun!

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