72 inch Black Winged Gruesome Greeter Halloween Decoration


Scare the kids right out of their skins when you get this 72-inch Black-Winged Gruesome Greeter! They’ll likely all reply to his greeting with a hearty scream.

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A lot of popular and constantly busy big box stores have now installed greeters at their doors. It’s a nice little thing to do, makes it all a little more folksy and quaint but, as a Halloween company, we think these greeters just aren’t scary enough. Maybe you’re with us on this… a greeting can be friendly, but wouldn’t it be better, especially in October, to be scary? This Gruesome Greeter has an apt name and will conjure up plenty of screams in trick or treaters, and possibly the mail carrier. While we don’t expect to see these at the grocery store anytime soon, your house can be much different, much spookier with this unique skeleton decor.

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