Pixel Bow Tie


This is the best-looking tie ever. The Pixel Bow Tie looks like it’s right out of a retro 16-bit video game. If you really love retro gaming you’ll never want to take off this bow tie!

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1988 Called…Ah, the 80s. We remember that decade. Things were simpler back then. We didn’t have auto-tuned pop music all over the radio. Instead, we had hair metal bands with teased hair up to the ceiling. We didn’t have smartphones and billions of different apps to manage. We had a rotary phone and it took you all day just to call anyone. And our video games? Well, they didn’t have those smooth textures and high polygon counts that they do today. They had pixels, and gosh darn it, we liked ’em! You may have had to squint to see what was going on in those games, but they definitely had a class not seen in today’s gaming.Well, now you can get a taste of old-school gaming when you wear this Retro Pixel Gaming Bow Tie with your costume. It’s inspired by the classic games of the 1980s!Product DetailsThis simple accessory is a great addition to any retro video game costume. The bright red tie has a blocky, pixelated design reminiscent of classic video games. Just place it around your collar or add it to your costume and you’ll be ready for a formal 8-bit event!

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