Prestige Minecraft Kid’s Armor Costume


Make sure your child leaves the house in full Minecraft armor to fend off his enemies with this Prestige Minecraft Kids Armor Costume. This costume is an absolute must-have!

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Crafting Your Own ArmorIf your child is a big fan of Minecraft, then it’s quite possible that they might be clamoring for a full set of diamond armor this year! Have you ever tried building a set of diamond armor? We’ve done it and it’s not exactly simple! The very first step is gathering materials. That means you need to scour ever biome around for some diamond blocks, while avoiding zombies, skeletons, and Creepers. So, you’d better make sure to bring a good weapon with you, or you just might end up as lunch for some hungry zombie! Oh, and make sure that you brought your iron pickaxe. If you try bringing anything weaker than that, you’ll never be able to gather up diamonds! Once you’ve collected 24 diamonds, then it’s time to finally get cracking!Wait… does this sound a little too tiresome to craft a full set of armor? Well, the good news is that there’s a better way. You can get this Minecraft diamond armor set for kids to equip your child!Product DetailsThis officially licensed costume gives your child the look of the prestigious armor. The costume comes with a foam tunic that has a blocky appearance to match the video game style. It even has blocky short sleeves! The matching pants have a similar design and fit with an elastic waistband. Of course, you wouldn’t want to send your child off into the wilderness without a diamond helmet! The included helmet has a fitted inner cap and a blocky design to finish the outfit.Easy Peasy!This prestige Minecraft kid’s armor costume is a much quicker and easier way to help your child assume the role of a Minecraft hero! Your child might even feel fit enough to fight off a whole army of Creepers when they wear this outfit!

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