Kid’s Mandalorian Beskar Armor Costume


Grab some Mandalorian steel and prepare for those bounty battles in this Mandalorian Beskar Armor Kids Costume. The exact resilience you need on Halloween night!

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I Can’t Believe it’s Not Beskar!Want to outfit your child in a full set of Beskar Steel forged armor? It’s tough. That stuff is hard to track down, even if you’re a skilled bounty hunter like The Mandalorian. You saw all of the trouble that he had to go through to get his full set in the Disney+ series, didn’t you? He had to track down his mark with nothing but a little fob. He had to blast his way through a small army of bad guys. He even had to haggle with Jawas. It was no walk in the park!You’d better start getting your hands a fob, because it’s going to be a long journey… unless you want to try another method of getting your child outfitted like the galaxy’s greatest bounty hunter. You could outfit them with this officially licensed Mandalorian costume for kids!Product DetailsBased on the main character’s suit of armor from the Star Wars series, this kid’s Mandalorian Beskar Armor Costume recreates the look of his upgraded armor. Of course, it’s not made out of real Beskar, but polyester should be good enough for most missions that you send your little one on. The jumpsuit has plenty of printed details to recreate the look of rugged armor. Like all Mandalorians, your child will need to wear a mask to cover their face. After all, it is the way! This costume comes with a molded mask that has a mesh visor for vision and will help your child uphold the strict code of the Mandalorians.Time to Protect Baby YodaIf your child wants to step into the world of bounty hunting, then this Star Wars Mandalorian costume for kids is almost just as good as real Beskar Steel. Who knows! Your child might become the protector of a baby Yoda of their own!

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