Pink Toddler Flapper Costume


Give your daughter a history lesson in this Child Pink Flapper Costume–and give her a lesson in how to dance the Charleston. This costume features a pink tank dress and a shiny headpiece.

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Your little girl is all about the Roaring 20s. You can pin her interest for this time period down to her seeing The Great Gatsby. You didn’t even know she was awake, but then there she was dancing with all those people at a legendary Jay Gatsby party.You can pretty much bet her interest has nothing to do with the speakeasies, but rather in all those pretty dresses. The ones that sway back and forth when people dance the Charleston. She likes the beaded necklaces, and the lacey headbands. Heck, she’s even taken a liking to the music. And now she is begging for her birthday party to be like a Jay Gatsby party. With the fancy dresses, and fun music. Now all you have to do is find her a swingin’ dress to wear.She will be so excited when she sees this Child Pink Flapper Costume. So excited that she won’t even mind that her Gatsby-esq party is being held at the mini-golf place. She’ll be too busy swingin’ and swayin’ to really care. Just pour her some sparkling apple juice in a fancy plastic glass (like the ones you have left over from your New Years Eve party) and put on some big band music and let her enjoy the fancy life. Just don’t forget to grab some beaded necklaces and a pink lace headband for the birthday girl!

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