Womens Gangster Gal Costume


Who said gangster can’t be cute? This exclusive Women’s Gangster Gal Costume shows off your tough girl side but still offers a stylish and sexy look!

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Tale as old as CrimeYou know the story. Gangster robs a bank, gangster spreads the wealth, gangster gets into the papers, the public falls in love. That’s just how it goes. It’s been happening since the merry days of Robinhood. And your career is no exception to the rule. You know what you’re doing. From the moment you walked into the bank, you made sure to make a good impression. You were kind to the civilians, firm with the tellers, you even came up with a good one-liner to make sure you left them laughing as you made your escape. It didn’t hurt that you had the perfect outfit to give your criminal debut the perfect debonair tone!Details & DesignStep into a dapper, dangerous role as soon as you slip into this Made by Us Gangster Gal costume! You’ll find this in-house designed costume has a flattering fit and those little details that make your Halloween look stand out in photos and crowds alike. High-waisted shorts paired with the cropped vest lets you take over the criminal underworld with confidence. The one-piece vest and blouse has sheer pinstriped sleeves, brass buttons up the front, and a chain on the side, providing that extra detail that you can expect from Made by Us costumes. Tie the colorful red scarf around your neck and you’re ready to get out there and stir up some trouble. You Can Bank On ItWhen a look is this good, you can be sure you’ll want to wear it more than once. Luckily, our exclusive costumes are high-quality enough to be worn again and again. Want to make it yours? Accessorize with fishnet stocking or garters, a fedora hat, and plenty of attitude. The perfect look for 20’s themed parties, once you’re wearing these pinstripes you won’t be able to help spouting that 20’s slang!

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