Womens Pink Adult Baby Pajamas Costume


Sometimes being a baby seems so much better! Turn yourself back in to a baby and get ready for beddy bye with this Womens Pink Adult Baby Pajamas Costume.

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Don’t Wanna Grow UpWere you excited to grow up as a kid? Adults were allowed to do so many different things. They bought ice cream whenever they wanted. They got to stay up late, use forbidden words, and drive cars. We were bribed into adulthood by all these little details and it wasn’t until we were deep into living that nine to five lifestyle that we realized we made a big mistake. Gone are the days we get to take midday naps. Gone are little bowls of applesauce, the cups that won’t spill when you turn them over, and the people who lean over and coo as they ask you what your favorite color is. Life as an adult is tough but there’s no going back. . . or is there?Product DetailsYou’re sure to stay cozy in these cute pink pajamas. The design is warm and simple with oversized sleeves and legs with footies that fit over your shoes of choice. You can slip these on easily with the zipper right up the front. You can even layer clothing underneath to keep warm in cold weather. Pair this pajama suit with any of our accessories from bottles to a lollipop to make your look complete. Going GagaWhether you’re heading out to a costume party, celebrating a new baby at a baby shower, or you’re simply planning to hang at your crib and watch cartoons, you’re sure to enjoy wearing this ensemble. In a dusty pale pink, you’ll feel like you’ve gone back to your childhood. No one is going to judge you for eating Mac and Cheese and popsicles for dinner. You’ve gained the right to rave about cartoons and to cuddle teddy bears. While growing up might have been a big mistake, we’re pretty sure returning to childhood a second time is going to be a lot more fun. Hey, this time you can buy your own ice cream! 

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