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Now, remember what’s truly important in life: friends, waffles, work. Or waffles, friends, work. But work is always last. This Parks and Recreation Leslie Knope Costume may be for work, but it is also perfect for eating waffles, eating butterscotch puddin

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Running for Halloween OfficeNo doubt that you have noticed that Leslie Knope is a literal fountain of wisdom, a true engine for change. She’s taught us that anything is possible so long as you work hard and never sleep. She’s taught us that work is important… but not as important as friends and waffles. (Or was it waffles and friends?) Some might claim that she’s a little too passionate, but that’s only because she cares more strongly than anyone out there. No wonder we all love Parks and Recreation! After her campaigns in Pawnee, Knope is going even further.  And now she’s ready to take all of that energy she used to make Pawnee a better place and turning it to make Halloween an even more epic holiday. (No Greg Pikitises allowed!) We know that Leslie knows exactly what we all need on our birthdays and we saw what she did for a little community Harvest Festival. Imagine what’ll happen when she’s in charge of the biggest event of the Fall! It’s time. Gather up all the glorious female warriors and brilliant, powerful musk oxen and cast your vote for Leslie Knope!Design & DetailsWe need all the Parks and Recreation we can get, so our Made by Us design team went full Knope-mode to create this officially licensed look: the Leslie Knope costume. This complete ensemble includes a dazzling printed blouse and a gray pantsuit (blazer and trousers both included). We know Leslie wouldn’t go anywhere without her Parks Department badge and you’ll even have the Knope button to remind everyone to get to the polls. All you need is a pocket full of choice quotations!Leslie is Our Everything!Leslie Knope is the perfect blend of contradicting ideals, making her the ultimate in characters. She can love you. She can like you. But, she can also proclaim that she’ll be waving your decapitated head on a stick in front of your weeping mother. So… be everything. Vote Leslie Knope for Halloween.

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