Old Man Deluxe Mask


Hey Gramps! What?! What, did you say?! Ignore any comments you don’t want to hear with this Old Man Deluxe Mask. Add a cane or a walker to your look and you’ll be feeling ancient in not time!

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They say that with age comes wisdom. But we say, why not speed that process up a bit?If you want to add to your aging appearance and step into your sage and golden years, this Old Man Deluxe Mask will add wrinkles to your face without adding years to your life. Finally, you can get the respect you deserve! Everyone will be falling over themselves to offer to help you out and will be asking you about how it was back in the day when things were so much better. You can add it to a Halloween costume that asks for a more “weathered” appearance, or you may even choose to wear this mask without your costume this year; wisdom beyond your years, after all, is worth its weight in gold.

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