Bricky Blocks Bow Tie White


Create the ultimate bow tie with the Bricky Blocks Bow Tie White. Since you’re able to build onto this bow tie you can make it into your own unique piece of clothing. Go crazy with it!

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Does it Take a Degree in Rocket Science?Suspenders? Check! Button-down shirt? Got it! Taped glassed? Of course! How about that bow tie? No? We get it. There are lots of reasons you may be delaying. Tying a bow tie can be, well, intimidating. It feels like you need a degree in rocket science to get it done—though maybe your Halloween character has one, so tying isn’t the hangup. It could be picking the right style. There are more than enough colors and patterns to choose from, and that can make the decision difficult to make. Or it could be that you’re dreading the idea of having something strapped around your neck. No matter how loosely, it can feel like a stranglehold. Luckily, we have the bow tie that takes care of all of that!Product DescriptionDon’t worry about solving the mystery of tying your bow tie. This Bricky Blocks White Bow Tie requires no tying at all! The static plastic base is shaped like a bow and simply secures around your neck, or head, with no fuss! And don’t worry about it fitting too tight. This one-size-fits-most accessory features an adjustable strap so you can loosen or tighten it as necessary! As for style, this white tie might look plain, but those white pegs on its surface are for Bricky Block Bricks that come in an array of colors for you to create countless unique designs with!Tie it UpWhether you’re no great shakes at tying a bow, can’t choose between yellow polka dots or solid red, or you’re just not interested in a tight squeeze, this Bricky Blocks White Bow Tie has you covered! Customizable in fit and pattern and shaped to look just like a traditional bow tie, this versatile accessory is the perfect addition to your costume wardrobe!

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