Old Man Costume for Men


Age yourself with this Men’s Old Man Costume . This stretchy costume features an old man mask and faux suit jacket. Perfect for adding a few years to your evening.

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Acting Your AgeAge is a crazy thing. Sometimes it seems to all go by so fast. Other times it seems like you’ve been the same age for forever! And the whole time, you’re expected to act your age. What if you don’t want to? What if you want to sit in the park and grump about how today’s youth has no respect. What if you want to order off the senior menu, knowing that their gravy has a lower sodium content? What if you want to fall asleep listening to a baseball game on the radio. You might be in the prime of your life but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have your own chair that no one else is allowed to sit in. Other people might look back and dream about their youth. Others might try to live in the now. You know better. You know that the best life is a senior life. Why else would they call them your golden years?Product DetailsThis old man costume will make all those years tick by in an instant! Simply throw on the one-piece mask and old man sweater and you’ll feel ancient in an instant. The front of the sweater is printed with a lapel and tie so it’ll be a little schmancy for looking good in the senior home. A Host of ActivitiesAre you ready to relax in the park in elderly style? Now, you might need to brush up on your Chess or Backgammon but this is sure to be a true delight! Pair this costume with an inflatable walker or a prop cane to really bring your look home. And when Halloween is over you can reuse the look. Show up to your next birthday party with an elderly look. Use it when you’re feeling tired. Break it out when your friend shows up on hour late to show that you’ve been waiting forever. Turns out, aging early is the answer!

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