Jumbo Pink Baby Bottle


Congratulations it’s a girl! This Giant Jumbo Pink Baby Bottle will look so sweet with your adult baby costume your baby will love it too!! Its prefect for when babies get all grumpy because they’re hungry.

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Babies get to have all the fun. They eat and sleep while being held and adored by everyone around them. If they need something, all they have to do is cry until they get what they want and every second of the day they are being waited on hand and foot. If we cried that much we would never be allowed anywhere! Those guys have it so easy and they don’t even have the cognitive development to understand that yet! Just for one day, don’t you wish you could be like them? Well this Jumbo Pink Baby Bottle might not change the rules of society entirely to allow that but it’s a start! Just put this around your neck and grab one of our goofy, giant baby costumes and you’ll be ready for the life of being pampered just like back before you even knew how to walk.

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