Muzzle Skull Half Mask


Bring some skeleton scariness to your costume when you wear this Muzzle Skull Half Mask. Featuring a half, muzzle style mask of a skeleton nose and teeth, this Muzzle Skull Half Mask will have you showing of your best skeleton grin!

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Half Mask, Full EffectThere’s nothing quite like a good mask to make your costume complete. If you have the skill for it, you could spend time and money doing special effects makeup, but for those of us who struggle with drawing a straight line, it’s not the best option. However, one of the biggest problems with masks is that you can’t always see well when you’re wearing them. Some have tinted plastic over the eyes, and some even have open holes, but the mask itself still restricts your vision. That’s not always a good thing if you’re out trick-or-treating or trying to navigate a dim party. Don’t worry, we have a solution!Product DetailsIf you still want to look a little scary, but you need to be able to see, this Muzzle Skull Half Mask will do the job! You’ll have the spooky effect on your nose and mouth, but there’s nothing near your eyes to hinder your vision. It has elastic bands that go around your neck and ears to secure it so you can wear it comfortably for your entire celebration. You’ll have a great time being able to see people’s reactions to this scary mask!

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