Pale Slenderman Mask


This Pale Slenderman Mask will have your friends shaking in fear of this terrifying horror figure this year at any costume party you attend. This mask is chillingly detailed and goosebump-inducing, for sure!

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Face Your FearsDo you find that you are a little preoccupied with the idea of walking into the dark wood? Do you worry that there are strange creatures dwelling in the darkness, just waiting to reach out to touch you with their strange hands? Do you have nightmares about professional-looking suits? Wait, what!? If you have ever explored the Internet (or perhaps the woods at night), you have probably heard the terror of the Slenderman. This creepy, tall creature with a featureless face manages to terrify folks even today! But, now you can put a face on your fears and prove that you’re brave enough to stand the Slenderman down! Product DetailsConfront your nightmares (or bring them to life) with this Pale Slenderman Mask. This is a full latex mask with mesh eye sockets. The mask is designed to look sunken-in, bald, and especially haunting thanks to the lack of a mouth or nose. Whether you’ve got a black suit or even if you aren’t super tall, this spooky mask will put everyone on edge! A Thin LineIt doesn’t take much to cross over from being a mysterious person in the woods to transforming into the mythological Slenderman. In fact, once you wear this Pale Slenderman Mask, you might find that everything is just a bit thinner. Elongated. Talk about creepy! We just hope that you have fun while spooking everyone who’s ever seen the Internet!

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