Black Pirate Boots for Women


Ahoy, Me Hearties! Make sure to grab up these Black Pirate Boots for Women before the rest of your crew does. These Black Pirate Boots for Women are the perfect accessory for your pirate or wench inspired costume.

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Thar She GoesBeing a lady pirate is a lot to take on. It’s hard physical labor for one. You rarely get a hot shower. And those filthy-mouthed pirates often need to be put in their place. Plus, there was that whole legal battle last year about female pirates not getting an equal amount of booty as their male counterparts. Luckily that has since been rectified.But there are some plusses to being the only woman pirate on a ship, as well. You get your very own cabin. You often get out of some of the deck-swabbing. And you get the best fashion on the whole ship. Just look at these very cool Women’s Black Pirate Boots! They are functional footwear that will keep your toes toasty on long voyages, but when paired with your perfect piratess outfit, they also look totally cool!Product DetailsThis pair of knee-high boots is crafted from man-made materials and features both a side zipper, for easier access, and a lovely and era-appropriate back lace. The heel is a mere 1 inch tall, so it won’t impede any of your on-deck activities. Put Your Foot DownJust remember not to let these stinkin’ pirates push you around—after all, you earned your place on this crew as much as any of those scallywags! 

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