Kid’s Purple and Gray Ombre Wig


Cast a spell while you are out and about on Halloween in this super cute Kid’s Purple and Gray Ombre Wig! It’ll be the perfect accessory to compete your kiddo’s costume!

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Outstanding OmbreOne of the best parts of dressing up for Halloween is getting to be something you’re not. Trust us, not every “surgeon” running around out there on October 31st has a PhD, and we can almost guarantee that none of those jesters ever went to clown college. So if you’re going to change your appearance to fit a costume, you might as well jump all the way in! One of the most dramatic transformations we can think of is to change something about your hair. However, if you don’t want to do any drastic cutting or dyeing just to fit a costume, a wig can be a great option. And if you ever decide to reprise your role, you can simply put your wig and costume back on and you’re ready to go!Design & DetailsIf your child wants to change up their hairstyle to match their costume, this Purple and Gray Ombre Kid’s Wig might be just what they need. We wanted to design something a little different that might go well with a fantastical outfit. The beautiful purple gradient hair on this wig makes it the perfect thing to complete a variety of costumes, such as a witch, fairy, unicorn, or anything that your child thinks might need just a touch of extra color. Your kid will love getting to be a little different with this fun wig!

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