Men’s Victorian Ghost Costume


Show off your ability to scare through the ages with the exclusive Men’s Victorian Ghost Costume. This will for sure give your friends and family the scare you are looking for.

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A Harrowing Haunt Folks seem to think that it is easy to be a ghost. They seem to think that all you have to do upon your demise is just avoid going into the light. Real ghosts know that it is a bit more difficult. It’s tough work manifesting your spirit to chit chat with the living. (Just ask all those ghost hunters who can barely get a few electric pulses to show up on their complicated equipment!)Real ghosts have to work for years just to figure out how to get their ectoplasmic form to show up for more than a second or two and trying to have a full-on conversation or (heaven forbid) a possession is the kind of stuff that might take a few decades to even attempt! It’s truly tough work being a specter! Design & DetailsThat’s why we are here to help lift your spirits! With this Victorian Ghost costume, you can find your transition into haunting the world of the living with much greater ease. In fact, thanks to our Made by Us design team, you can even start practicing while you’re still alive! All you’ll need to do is slip into this fancy ensemble. Start by upping your class when you wear the white and gray jacket. It has an attached vest so you won’t even have to layer up! The jabot fits around your neck to keep you looking like you hopped out of the late 1800s while the matching top hat tops off your haunting look. Add on some face paint for a pale look and deep eyes as well as a cane or old-style shoes to make folks think you’ve really been here a while!Victorian MigrationSome might wonder how a Victorian Ghost has appeared in the 21st century, perhaps a long way from London. Just roll your undead eyes and remind them that ghosts have lives, too! They love to travel and you’ve been a hard-working member of the deceased community for 200 years. You’ve earned it! 

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