Talking Skeleton Prisoner Prop


Shack up and hang around this Halloween with our exclusive Talking Skeleton Prisoner Prop! This creepy shackled skeleton hanging decoration has light-up eyes and can talk.

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Welcome to the DungeonYou must be new here. Don’t tremble too much when you see the size of the rats – they always come out to sniff out the new meat. Moans and wails float from every direction all the time. The guards serve moldy bread usually once a day, so bring your dinner plate – yum! And feel free to introduce yourself. We’re all in this together…what? Why are you screaming? Oh, you’ve met Bonesy. He’s been down here the longest. No, he’s not dead! Well, we’re pretty sure he’s not dead. He’s still talking, anyway, so it’s hard to tell. Some people (and skeletons) just have the gift of gab! Product DetailsNo dungeon is complete without a Talking Skeleton Prisoner Hanging Decoration! It’s clear that this guy came to a grim end, but he’s still happy to chat about it. Hand manacles and gauzy gray cloaking is all that remains of his former life. Come sit and visit with him for a while…he promises to let you go (maybe). 

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