80s Scratcher Glasses


These 80s Scratcher Glasses are the perfect accessory to wear with your costume or everyday for a fun look. The lenses are clear and the frame is black and silver plastic.

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Old School CoolIt’s not as easy as it looks,Writin’ licks to these hooksAlways on the beat, we never cheatWhen we’re making our songRhymes so nice, you’ll say ’em twiceWhen you sing alongTo be a hip-hop genius, it’s no fussYou just have to listen to usYou don’t need classes, just wear these glassesAnd never, ever cuss.Don’t turn that dial,They got classic style, so just give ’em a tryWear them for a while, no need to ask us why.Product DetailsIf you want to look like a true wordsmith, then you’re going to need a pair of fresh glasses. Why? Because all of the best MC.s and DJs wear them! These 80s Scratcher Glasses bring you some old-school, hip-hop style to pair with your mic skills. The glasses feature thick plastic frames, which were made popular in the 80s by various hip-hop artists. The clear lenses are plastic. Just toss these on your face and you might just feel inspired to write something tricky. Be sure to check our other great 80s gear to put together that old-school look that other rappers have to respect! 

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