KISS Catman Boots for Men


Go back to the good days of 80s Rock N’ Roll and dress up as Catman and add these KISS Catman Boots to complete the entire look. These platform boots will make you love it out loud!

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I Wanna RockAhh, the 80s. Those were the days. Instead of Autotune and high-ponytail pop stars, we had the good, old-fashioned, wholesome rockers who painted their faces to look like cats and wore outfits made exclusively out of leather and spikes. Some of the most rad performers even danced around the stage in crazy platform shoes that should have been ridiculous but were somehow made so, so cool by the sheer charisma and musical genius of their wearers. KISS Army members for life! Product Details Rock and roll all night and party every day in these exclusive Catman KISS Boots! The black and silver knee-high boots are made of faux snakeskin and even have snake detail that will make you hiss with delight. They zip up the sides for easy wearing. Sky-high platforms just add to the fun. Show TimeGrab your axe, paint your face, and zip up those boots, because your fans are waiting! We do recommend practicing walking in your footwear for a little while before hitting the stage. It’s what Criss would want. 

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