Man-Eating Venus Fly Trap Costume


Trap everything you want this Halloween in this Man-Eating Venus Fly Trap Costume. Ideal for gaining everything you could possibly want to consume!

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The Real DealYour friends may think they’re cool with their Dracula costumes and zombie makeovers but you will be something truly terrifying. You won’t be something that’s made up and only exists in books and on the big screen. No, you will be something real… well, kind of real.You can be a Man-Eating Venus Fly Trap! Before these plants were only a terror for all of fly-kind but now they are growing at an exponential rate. They’ve become the size of a full-grown man and their hunger knows no end. Will you have a never-ending sweet tooth or perhaps a thirst that a brewery couldn’t quench? Well, whether it’s one or the other, or even both, everybody better watch out when you enter the costume parties this October.Details & DesignSure, when tending a garden it is important to take your time and to be patient but when it’s Halloween nobody has time for that. That’s why our costume design team has made it so you can toss this ensemble together in no time at all.Start with the green velour shirt. After that, you can attach the hood with the help of the hook and loop fasteners that match with the set on the back of the mock-turtle neck on the shirt. The hood has leaves and petals, as well as soft-sculpted teeth, around the face opening. Next comes the flowerpot. With the help of the matching green shoulder straps, your pot will be secure. Finally, add the included pair of velour mitts and voila! You are now a beautiful and monstrous plant.Leaf the Scares to UsDon’t bother with the usual boring monster costumes this Halloween. You came to our exclusive page for a reason. You wanted something unique. Well, with this costume, you’ve found it. We can guarantee that you will be the only Man-Eating Venus Fly Trap on the dance floor.

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