Medusa Headband Accessory for Women


Turn into the monster from Greek mythology with the Medusa Headpiece Accessory! Everyone will be petrified when you complete your look with this headpiece.

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THE KID SISTER OF THE GORGONSMany out there have heard of Medusa and know her as a pretty dangerous foe to go head to head with.  That, of course, is mostly because of that whole “look at me and turn to stone” thing, but bitey snakes for hair is another slight obstacle in the way of polite conversation.But, did you know that Medusa is really the little sister of three?  Her bigger sisters are way worse… cruel, immortal, and far worse on the eyes.  All scaley and full of horns and in need of a serious dentist, the other Gorgons define grotesque! PRODUCT DETAILSIf you’re looking to test the waters as a Gorgon sister, we definitely recommend going the prettier route with this Medusa Headpiece Accessory.  Admittedly, having a headband of golden snakes for hair isn’t likely to win you any beauty contests from the onset, but sometimes beauty is about overcoming the troubles that hold you back.  IN THE EYE OF THE BEHOLDERRemember that beauty is how you define it!  So, even if you’re a treacherous creature from mythology, you should still be able to let your hair down and your snakes up for an evening of fun.  This Medusa Headpiece is a golden way to show those Greek heroes that they have misjudged you.  And, if they won’t listen, just look them right in the eye and at least they won’t be arguing anymore! 

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