Kids Devil Costume


Have your kiddo looking like a lil’ devil when you get them this Devil Kids Costume. Features a red and black colored robe style costume with hood that has black devil horns on it.

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What The Devil?The beauty of having kids is that no matter how devilish they act, you still love them, right? Of course you do! So don’t think that just because we’re here telling you that this Kid’s Devil Costume is perfect for your child, we’re saying that your child is a devil, OK? We mean, sure…they have their moments. All kids do. But we simply think that this classic Halloween look will delight your kiddo to no end. Now, you may think that dressing like the devil may increase a child’s devilish tendencies, but we’ve actually seen the opposite to be the case. Studies show that children who dress in devil attire for Halloween have a higher rate of completing their homework, volunteering, doing chores, and being nice to their younger siblings after the holiday. We think it’s reverse psychology or something, but whatever it is, it works! So make the whole family happy by decking out your darling in this devil costume — it’s the perfect pick for a Halloween of fun, mischief, and mysteriously angelic behavior!Design & DetailsThey say “the devil is in the details” and we don’t really know what that phrase means, but it seems fitting for this detailed devil look. The belted red robe is crafted from a satiny fabric and features jagged hems, long bell sleeves, and a pullover hood. The hood has two little stuffed devil horns on top, for a complete look without the muss and fuss of an uncomfortable headband or glued-on horns!

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