Women’s Debutante Wig


Transport yourself back to age of the Victorian Era this Halloween. This curly, stylish Debutante Wig for Women is the perfect accessory to your costume.

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Off to the Ball The Season is so packed with festivities! Today alone, you have a promenade in Hyde Park, a tea with your five best friends, and the Duke’s ball this evening. With so many engagements, how on earth will you have time to do your hair? You could either wear an unflattering cap over your curlers during the day, or you could just slip on a realistic (and gorgeous) wig. We know which option we’d pick! Product DetailsLeave a stunning impression on all the eligible gentlemen when you wear this Debutante Wig for Women! Coppery-brown synthetic hair is carefully styled into many tight ringlets over the forehead and ears, as well as one long, thick ringlet that can be draped over one shoulder. The hairdo conceals a comfortable mesh wig cap with a fitted edge. Impress the Ton This look is all the rage in London right now amongst the debutantes. It’ll probably inspire your next suitor to propose faster than you can say, “how do you do?” 

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