Marvel Shang Chi Battle FX Bo Staff


Save the day just like Shang-Chi from Marvel Comics Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings with the Marvel Comics Shang Chi Battle FX Bo Staff this Halloween!

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Your Destiny AwaitsTo become a true master of Kung-Fu you must be equipped like one. The warrior that comes to mind when we hear “Kung-Fu” is naturally Shang Chi from the Marvel Comics as well as the Marvel Cinematic Universe. One of his go-to weapons is always his trusty Bo Staff. Now, you can follow in Shang’s footsteps once you get your hands on this officially licensed Shang Chi Battle FX Marvel Comics Bo Staff. Your enemies will all tremble in fear when you whip this bad boy out. Not only does it have the design of the famous comic book weapon, it even makes the sounds of it. The faster you swing this staff around, the more intense the sound effects will get. Just the mere sight and sounds of this replica will have your foes running for the hills!Product DetailsThis Bo Staff is made out of a hard plastic that protects the internal electronics. Sounds will change depending on the speed at which this toy is swung. It measures to be approximately 28inches long.Path of the WarriorWield this mighty weapon and make your predecessor proud when you too stop the evil terrorist organization known as the Ten Rings from destroying world peace.

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