Incredibles Dash Adaptive Costume for Kids


Dress your child up as their favorite super hero in this Incredibles Dash Adaptive Costume for Kids. This costume is red and black in color and has the Incredibles logo on the chest.

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Dashing to the Rescue Look over there! What is that red blur zipping through the trees? It’s going so fast that when it reaches a river, it can dart across the surface without sinking. It’s speedier than a cheetah and quicker than a boat – it must be that truly incredible superhero Dash! He’s amazingly gifted and only rarely uses his powers for mischief, like putting tacks on a mean teacher’s chair or trying to work a super car’s missile launchers. Mostly, though, he uses his super speed to rescue the world from phony heroes or mega villains. Product DetailsIt’s hero time! The city needs you, so slip on your Incredibles Dash Adaptive Kids Costume! The red and black jumpsuit is designed to work well with wheelchairs and walkers and is super comfortable to wear. Edna Mode designed this exclusively for you, with an Incredibles logo on the chest and built-in muscles in the sleeves. No matter how fast you run, Edna’s secret patented techology ensures that you won’t wear friction holes in the legs. She also told us that the suit can withstand a rocket attack, but we’d prefer you not test that feature out, honestly. Add the matching black mask, because the only thing as important as your powers is keeping your super identity secret!A True Hero Dash is our favorite superhero not only because of his awesome attitude and super speed, but because he’s quick to defend a friend and help those in need. That’s the kind of role model we like to see! 

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