Battlin’ Buccaneer Boys Costume


It’s time for your child to man their own ship and sail the open seas in this exclusive Battlin’ Buccaneer Boys Costume. A great gift for every young aspiring pirate!

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Are you planning on assembling a crew of scurvy dogs to be a part of your pirate crew? Well, then perhaps it’s time you enlisted the rowdiest young buccaneer into your ranks… your child!That’s right! Your child has all the right qualities to become a swashbuckling adventurer who stands by your side through any peril. He’s tough as a barnacle! He’s got the wits of a sea squid! He’s also got the manners of a manatee!  The only thing he’s missing is the proper pirate outfit and that we’d be glad to help you out with.Our expert costume designers cooked up this Battlin’ Buccaneer costume for boys. It’s a pirate costume that combines all the swashbuckling style of a scoundrel pirate with the perfect size for your young little rapscallion. The shirt is a classic pirate shirt with some ruffles at the wrists. The black vest adds a dash of black to the look, while the pants are a white and red striped pattern—a traditional look for any pirate. The costume also comes with an eye patch, head scarf, belt and hip sash to complete the style. It’ll be the final thing your child needs to join your crew of pirates!Once your little one has this amazing outfit on, he’ll be ready to step aboard your ship as the first mate. Just watch your back, since he may be feeling feisty enough to stage a mutiny if your take your eyes off of him for too long!

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